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World Percussion Group

Talking Drum are a vibrant world percussion group who perform exhilarating rhythmical roots music from Africa, Brazil and Cuba. Feel the power of the ancient vocal melodies and the heavy traditional grooves they perform, and you'll realise why this music has survived for generations. Until you've heard drumming like this up close you won't realise quite how deeply it can move you.

The band, led by Laurence Hill, have been exploring the folkloric music of Accra, Boké, Havana, Recife and Rio de Janeiro since 2010. The kpanlogo, djembe, conga, maracatu and samba music they perform all share a common musical heritage from the ancient beating heart of Africa.

The group offers a wide range of high level expertise, from breath-taking and energetic performances to authentic and engaging drumming workshops to expertly informed music lectures for all levels.