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Inspiring World percussion workshops for businesses, schools, universities and community events 


Drumming workshops can be very beneficial for people of all ages and abilities. We offer workshops for businesses, schools, universities and community events.


To book a workshop please contact us:


by email: talkingdrummers@gmail.com


or by phone: 07817 769 029

Our TalkingDRUM workshops help to improve listening skills, confidence and discipline while relieving stress, as well as improving your rhythm and sense of pulse! We offer many different kinds of workshops tailored to your requirements, led by our inspirational workshop leaders. We offer:

  • African drumming

  • Samba and Maracatu

  • 1 tutor or whole band

  • All instruments for up to 30 participants

  • One-off workshops or longer courses

  • Special workshops tailored for staff inset days, team-building in the workplace or school students


All of our band members are highly experienced and professional workshop leaders, and will lead a fun and inspiring workshop. Our various kinds of workshop will typically include:


  • An inspiring musical demonstration

  • Group rhythm and co-ordination games

  • Call and response (listening and copying)

  • Learning a traditional song

  • Learning an authentic West African and Brazilian drum arrangement

  • End of workshop performance!